FSC PEFC Envelope works

As we all become more aware of the fragile state of our planet and the catastrophic effects that we have caused upon it mainly through ignorance, more and more people are responding to the realisation that a strong decisive course of action is the only option left open to us if we wish to save this wonderful living realm that has nurtured us from our humble beginnings.

That time of action is already underway, because of over 50 certification programmes worldwide, vast hectares of land have been saved from deforestation. Land that once would have been rendered barren and lifeless by logging and development companies with little or scant regard to the devastation they were wreaking out on the Earth and their children’s futures is now controlled by the monitoring of timber and its source.

Sustainability has become the way to maintain that our forests are protected, balancing the need for timber with managed growth through replanting trees after they are felled.

Because we take our environmental responsibility seriously, we always source the paper we use for our envelopes from a certified supplier with relevant accreditation from a world recognised body in which the chain of custody can be authenticated.