Mark Farrimond at the Envelope Works has invested in a new GMG Colour Proofing Machine, making it the first envelope overprinter in the UK to possess such technology. The Envelope Works, of The Printing Partners Group has recently invested in a GMG colour-proofing machine.

They are the first envelope manufacturer in the UK to invest in this hi tech piece of machinery in the UK. This is the same machinery that is used by professional photographers.

The machine calibrates the colours to 100% accuracy, supporting the Quality Assurance processes that The Envelope Works operates to.

Furthermore, it ensures that the wet proof that the customer sees is 100% accurate. Also, it increases efficiency as the proofs are run through the new machine, and therefore not occupying a printing machine.

The GMG machine also offers additional features, including a ‘colour separator’ that removes ink that is not needed, estimated to save 30% on ink prices.

This is a continuation of the investment Mark Farrimond, Managing Director of the Envelope Works, is making within the business, to position it as the premier envelope solutions company in the UK.