Recent research showed that coloured envelopes possess a 90% better open rate than plain white!!!

It’s true! Coloured envelopes are 9 times more likely to be opened than plain white stock. So, when you are spending a considerable amount of time and money on creating a memorable direct mail piece, please remember that before your recipient has a chance to read this information, they must first open the envelope.

This is why so much time and investment is made into the influence of colour within all aspects of marketing, not just envelope marketing.

We did some of our own research into this subject and found a range of interesting videos, articles and slideshows that provide much more detail regarding the subject of colour within marketing….


Click on the image below to read a very interesting article on the power and influence of colour within marketing:
And here is another take on the power and influence of colour within marketing (again, just click on the image):
colours influence buying


So, the next time you are planning a marketing campaign that involves some kind of direct mail activity, please consider this article and relate it against the objectives of your campaign – you never know, just by subtly altering the colour of your envelopes, you may increase your open rates by 10%.

For more information:

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