The Envelope Works, based in Earby Lancashire, has continued to increase its prominence across a variety of key envelope Env-Works-Buildingsearch terms on Google. The latest rankings show that for the search term ‘Envelope Printing,’ The Envelope Works is ranked 3rd.

Since the launch of the company’s new website, almost three years ago, it has steadily gained more exposure through Google, which has resulted in more monthly site visits and (ultimately) more potential client contacts / requests.

A quick comparison on Google Analytics showed that when compared to the same period last year, site visits are up by 48%, unique visitors have increased by 74% and page views are up by 60%.

All these statistics point towards a positive future for The Envelope Works, as it continues to strive towards its goal of being the UK’s premier total envelope solutions company.

More information:

If you are a company or print management organisation, seeking to achieve best-value on your annual envelope budget, then please contact The Envelope Works for plain stock, printed or specialist envelope requirements. Call 01254 428 950 to speak to one of the team.