Don’t be caught out by the greenwashing claims, it’s great that we all care about the environment around us and it’s even better when we feel that we have played a part no matter how large or small in protecting and preserving it for future generations.

But are we just taking it all at face value without fully understanding the repercussions our actions may have on our future environment?

There have been many reasons promoted for going paperless, some can be quite persuading and others can make us feel guilt for opting out, surely we should be considering any environmental impact when we make decisions like this?

Can claims that it is better for the growth of forests if we reduce our use of wood fibre in papermaking by going entirely digital be accurate?

The claim sounds reasonable but are we not seeing the wood for the trees?

What is not so well known is that virgin wood fibre from sustainably managed sources has seen an increase in forest sizes around Europe between 2015 and 2020. (Source: Two Sides 2021)

Paper usage is good for the environment when compared to other alternatives.

Myth: Going paperless stops deforestation.

Every year sustainably managed forests in Europe grew by more than the area of Switzerland, which is the equivalent of
1500 full-sized football pitches every single day of the year.

The Envelope Works Limited only use paper from sustainably managed sources that can be FSC® or PEFC™ verified.