As global awareness regarding resource management increases and recycling/upcycling is now the default way of life for many of us, one can be forgiven for feeling optimistic about just how far it will go, and what other initiatives can be introduced.

Not only are more people aware of the needs and benefits of recycling but manufacturers are also aware of this too, in fact, manufacturers who can demonstrate a structured sustainable method of production and resource management gain ISO recognition.

Being accredited by one of the major resource management bodies creates reassuring confidence, it makes the manufacturer appealing to a business searching for an opportunity to work with a company holding a recognised worldwide certification. It means that the manufacturer has undergone critical analysis regarding its use of sustainable resources.

The Envelope Works Limited is continually exploring new ways of reducing the impact it has on the environment, demonstrating a structured and sustainable method of production.

The Envelope Works Limited are such a company, we are continually exploring new ways and looking at new initiatives regarding our production processes.

We have committed to offer when requested, envelopes with 100% compostable windows which will reduce the plastic landfill waste that is currently being discarded when compared to regular window envelopes.

We believe our clients also welcome the opportunity to be offered the choice of sustainable products thus becoming involved with the future health of our environment.

Compostable: Biologically degradable plastic during the composting process without the generation of toxic and visually distinguishable waste.

Biodegradable: Refers to plastic that can be biologically degraded by the action of microorganisms naturally existing in the environment.

The Envelope Works Limited only use paper from sustainably managed sources that can be FSC® or PEFC™ verified.